Stay Connected while Remote

Use Microsoft Teams to enable remote work to help your team stay productive no matter where they are. Communication through chat, collaboration with integrated Office 365 apps, customizing and expanding collaboration, and built-in security, compliance, and manageability are all key features. Learn more about Microsoft Teams.

Why do Financial Institutions need protection against ransomware attacks?

The financial services sector is a common target for ransomware attacks. Personal and commercial financial, banking, trading, and superannuation information is probably some of the most important data a company can have. For the financial services industry to effectively defend and secure its systems, the stakes are quite high. Aside from the obvious financial consequences […]

5 best Practices to Ransomware Protection

Recovery from ransomware is critical because it poses a threat to every technology for which we are responsible. Never give in to ransom. Download the #Ransomware white paper to learn actionable tactics on how to manage backups and enable staff so you’re prepared in case of an attack. Veeam is the leader in backup, recovery […]

Why do I need to Backup my data?

The lack of reliability, slow recovery times, limited time and resources all can be real nightmares for IT pros. Read these five main reasons why you should switch your legacy backup solution and decide what’s your next move to protect your data. Read more